Birthday parties

Space Kids Party

Put on your flightsuit and get to work at Space Expo! The parties last 2 hours, the children get lemonade and a small treat. The adults get a nice cup of coffee or tea. At the end of the party the children receive a real diploma. There is a little present for the birthday kid.

Age 5 - 7

Mission Moon

Oh no, there's something wrong with the moon! But what exactly? That's what we need to investigate. Together with your team, you will go on an adventure through Space Expo to save the moon. Will you succeed in bringing Mission Moon to a successful conclusion?

Age 7 - 12

Rocket Power!

This party rocks! You and your team will learn everything about rockets and how a launch works. If you complete the training well, you get to launch a rocket yourself. What are you waiting for? 3....2....1....GO! Please note, the rocket launch during this party takes place outside.

Age 10 - 12

Team Space Kidz

What starts as an ordinary day for Team Space Kidz suddenly turns out to be an exciting rescue mission! The Space Chef who was supposed to give you special training today is in trouble. Can you and your team rescue the Space Chef? Hurry up because time is ticking!


  • The costs for the Space Kids Party are € 16,00 per child.
  • There is a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 12 children per party.
  • Younger siblings can join for the same price.
  • We ask for at least one adult per group to escort them.
  • Adults pay the entrance fee of €8,00 p.p (including cup of coffee or tea).
  • We ask you to pay by pin at arrival.
  • We would like to receive the completed application form at least 2 weeks in advance.


Would you like to celebrate a children's party at Space Expo? Fill out the application form!

Time slots

You can book Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 14:00 hours onwards.

You can book for weekends at the times listed below:

  • 10:30 hours
  • 14:00 hours

Space Kids Parties cannot be booked during school holidays.

Terms & Conditions

  • You can choose to book a party with a Dutch or English speaking guide.
  • If you arrive late, the program will be shortened to the reserved time.
  • Food and drinks can be consumed in our food corner. It is not allowed to eat in the museum.
  • Tip: the children change into a flightsuit, so put on comfortable clothes and shoes.
  • You can change or cancel your reservation free of charge up to one week before the visit*.
  • Discount passes are only valid for adults during the children's party.
  • Children must be accompanied by their group and are responsible for the children.
  • Payment can be made by pin, based on the actual number of people (minimum of 6).
  • Due to limited seating in the museum, it is not possible to bring and eat your own cake/treat.

Please note! In the event of cancellation within one week of the visit, we will be obliged to charge 50% of the costs. In the event of cancellation within 24 hours of the visit, we shall be obliged to charge 100% of the costs.