Meetings and events

Let's meet in space!

Space Expo is not only a great space museum and the official visitor centre of  ESA ESTEC, it is also a wonderful venue for hosting your own event, meeting, lecture or conference.

Space Station Square

Space Station Square is situated next to a large-scale model of the International Space Station (ISS) and borders the spectacular lunar landscape that serves as backdrop for the lunar module and Neil Armstrong. The perfect place for a networking event over informal drinks or a presentation. The stairway to the International Space Station also offers a perfect stage for speeches or presentations for many of our events.

Whole Museum

Our museum exudes an atmosphere that is both unique and exciting, providing a range of options for events with a theme. It is also possible to charter the whole museum exclusively for your event.

Ariane room

The Ariane Room is an auditorium that provides space for a maximum of 130 people in an auditorium set-up. The Ariane Room is equipped with air conditioning, a nice large screen, a video projector, lectern, microphone and sound system. Other room layouts are also an option!

Astronaut room

For smaller meetings and workshops, we suggest our Astronaut Room. This room has an auditorium set-up and can accommodate 40 people. The room is equipped with air conditioning, a screen, a video projector and natural daylight. The room can also be set up in different ways.