Maintenance work International Space Station model

From 27 May to 7 June, maintenance work will take place in our 1:1 scale model of the International Space Station (ISS). As a result, the Zvezda module will be temporarily closed. The Columbus module will remain accessible. Thank you for your understanding!



What are your opening hours?

We are open Tuesday till Sunday from 10:00 - 17:00 hours. During Dutch school vacations we are open seven days a week. Please note: Space Expo may be closed for (part of) the day due to holidays and private events. Check the closing days here.

Is there a parking lot at Space Expo?

Yes, you can park your car for free on our grounds.

Do you have a gift shop?

Yes, our Space Shop is located in the lobby. Here you can find presents that are out of this world for yourself or others.

Is there a food corner at Space Expo?

In Space Expo you will find the Space Expo Café. The café has the same opening hours as the museum. Before or after your visit you can enjoy hot and cold drinks, ice cream and snacks.

What is the minimum advised age to visit Space Expo?

We advise children aged 4 and over, but this also depends on the child’s interest. Children up to 3 years old can enter for free. However, it is required to book them a ticket as well. You can find this ticket on our ticket page.

Is Space Expo wheelchair and stroller accessible?

Space Expo is for the most part accessible to visitors using a walking aid, mobility scooter or wheelchair. Read more on our accessibility page.

Are dogs allowed at Space Expo?

We only welcome assistance dogs at Space Expo

I lost something during my visit. What shall I do?

You can call us on +31 71 200 1400. We will check if your item was found.

Does Space Expo have air conditioning?

The lobby has air conditioning. The exhibition hall does not have air conditioning. Make sure you wear light clothes during your visit.

When are the quietest hours at Space Expo?

For the quietest hours, we advise you to come in the morning around 10:00 hours or later in the evening, after 15:00 hours. During the week there may be groups of students walking around in the morning.

Are there educational packages available for school?

We would like to refer to Mission X for our educational material.


Can I enter the museum with my Museumcard?

Yes, all Museumcard holders can enter Space Expo for free. We do advise you to book a free ticket and timeslot beforehand.

Is it possible to buy a Museumcard at Space Expo?

Yes, you can buy a Museumcard at our register. Afterwards you can enter immediately. Paying by card only!

If I want to buy a Museumcard at the register, how should I book tickets online?

Book your tickets and timeslot online accordingly, also when you want to buy a Museumcard at our register. Once you arrive you can buy your Museumcards and enter the museum.


Am I required to book tickets online?

To ensure your visit, we advise you to book tickets and a timeslot online. if you wish to buy your tickets at our register, you may only enter if a timeslot is available.

Can I book tickets over the phone?

No, this is not possible, please book your tickets online.

Must I book tickets online if you have a Museumcard or voucher?

We advise Museumcard holders to book a free ticket and timeslot in advance.

What must I do with an entree ticket that was booked before the Covid-19 periode?

You are still welcome with this ticket. However, these tickets must be exchanged for new online tickets and a timeslot. You can send your old tickets to After we receive them, you will receive a discount code which you can use on our ticket page to book new tickets.

I bought tickets, but are now showing signs of Covid. Can I get a refund?

Don’t leave the house if you are not feeling well. Common signs are coughing, sore throat and fever. This also implies to the rest of the visiting group. We do not give refunds, but you can rebook your tickets for a new date and timeslot. You can do this yourself via the support service of Global Ticket.

Are you experiencing problems with booking tickets online?

Please contact the support service of Global Ticket.

I might not make it in time for my timeslot. What must I do?

In case you might not make it, please contact Space Expo (+31 71 200 1400). Only contact if your +20 minutes late.

I bought a ticket and want to cancel, is that possible?

Unfortunately we don’t give refunds on tickets. However, you can rebook your tickets yourself and choose another date and time.

Gift cards

Can I buy gift cards?

Yes, you can buy gift cards through our ticketpage.

Must I book a timeslot with my gift card?

Yes, with the discount code on the gift card you can book a timeslot. You will receive your tickets in your mailbox.

How long will my gift card be valid for?

Gift cards are valid until one year after purchase. You will find this date on the left side of your gift card.