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Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions for events/ reservations at Space Expo

1. Quotation

1.1 Quotations have a validity of two weeks starting from the date of signing.

1.2 After two weeks no rights can be derived from a quotation to which a client has not responded or agreed. A quotation is only valid for the discussed event. If no response or agreement is given after this two week term, the quotation will expire and the reserved day will be made available for other bookings.

2. Cancellation policy

With (partial) cancellation of a reservation the following regulation applies:
- At all times, the pre-ordered goods and services from third parties, such as catering or rental of equipment, will be charged to the client, in accordance with the cancellation policies of the supplier of Space Expo.
- With cancellation of the whole event:
Within 10 days before the agreed reservation date, 50% of the total price agreement will be charged.
Within 20 en 10 days before the agreed reservation date, 25% of the total price agreement will be charged.

3. Down payment

Unless agreed otherwise, 50% of the costs need to payed 15 working days prior to the event. When no timely payment is received, Space Expo reserves the right to refrain from delivery and we will charge the costs incurred.

4. Payment

After the event, an invoice will be send for the payment of the remaining amount, possible additional costs and the costs based on recalculation.

5. External catering

When the client provides a caterer on own occasion, Space Expo charges a commission percentage of 15% over the total invoice for the use of our facilities, services and personal assistance. Caterers are obliged to leave the spaces used by them in the same condition as in which they were found. If, after inspection by Space Expo, the latter has not been done, or in insufficient manner, extra costs for cleaning will be charged to the client.

6. Use of smoke and open fire

Smoke, originating from fire, open fire or fireworks and smoking in Space Expo is, without strictly expressed and agreed upon permission, not allowed.

7. Pets

Pets are not allowed.

8. Exhibition

In case the client wishes to add attributes to the exhibition, this needs to be discussed and agreed upon with Space Expo beforehand.

9. Amount of guests and program

9.1 the client needs to provide the details concerning the event/ reservation as soon as possible. Any requests for the use of the facilities of Space Expo by third parties, such as audio visual equipment, use of a dressing room, or electricity, need to be requested at least 10 days prior to the visit.
9.2. Changes on short term notification need to be communicated to Space Expo as soon as possible. Space Expo will assess what can be organized within the given time.

10. Insurance

Damage to (parts of) the exhibition, equipment or other possessions of space expo, inflicted by a client of Space Expo or by third parties hired by the client, will at all times charged to the client. Insurance for legal liability against possible damage, need to be settled by the client of Space Expo before the concerning event. Proof of the insurance and/or additional assurance have to be discussed with Space Expo.
Space Expo is not liable for the loss or theft of the properties of guests. This applies to all facilities of Space (lecture halls, public space, wardrobe, lockers or office spaces)