Go on a mission!

Discover how we design, build and test space missions on Earth in the Space Expo Cleanroom.

Design, build and test

An exciting journey to space always begins here on Earth. For example, engineers design a satellite or spacecraft. Then companies get to work building the parts. When the spacecraft is ready, it is vigorously tested at ESA's ESTEC technical centre, located next to Space Expo!

Design your own mission

At Space Expo you can design your own space mission. Are you going to take people to the Moon? Will you discover new stars in the universe? Or show people the way using satellites? You can choose from six different missions. Each mission has a unique design.

Ready for launch

When you're done designing, you can test your mission and see if your spacecraft is ready for launch. Will it survive the vibrations and noise of a rocket launch? The extreme temperatures and vacuum of space? Your mission is only ready for launch if all tests have been successfully completed!

Special objects

In addition to interactive tasks, you will find special space objects in the Cleanroom. There is a gigantic solar panel from a communication satellite and a scale model of the ExoMars rover. You will discover that satellites can be as small as a milk carton. And how a Dutch satellite instrument examines the air quality in your neighbourhood.