Maintenance work International Space Station model

From 27 May to 7 June, maintenance work will take place in our 1:1 scale model of the International Space Station (ISS). As a result, the Zvezda module will be temporarily closed. The Columbus module will remain accessible. Thank you for your understanding!

Mission X

Mission X: a great school project

All elementary school (age 8 - 12), families or clubs in the Netherlands can participate in this great project for free. The goal is to introduce children to space, space travel, science and technology. In addition, children train like an astronaut: healthy food and exercise!

Train like an astronaut

During this international school project - an initiative of NASA, ESA and other space agencies from around the world -  children (8-14 years) follow an seven-week astronaut training course.

The students follow a variety of training modules. They learn a lot about coordination and endurance, but also about “team building”, spatial awareness, healthy nutrition, and space technology. Many of the lessons and activities are linked to the scientific curriculum (with different STEM topics) and have a clear focus on health and nutrition.


There are two mascots, Luna and Leo, who have to walk to the moon. By entering points during Mission X, students can help Luna and Leo. The class earns the points for conducting the various practical and classroom lessons. At the end of the project, the class that helped Luna and Leo the most will be rewarded with a fantastic prize.


In the Netherlands, Mission X is organized by museum Space Expo and the Netherlands Space Office (NSO). Not only in the Netherlands children participate in Mission X. School classes from more than 25 countries participate, including Canada, France, Great Britain, Japan, Mexico and South Korea.

Join Mission X

  • All children (age 8 - 14) can participate.
  • The project period will last seven weeks. We will announce as soon as possible when registration for Mission X 2024 begins.
  • The execution of the lessons can be freely arranged in the existing lesson schedule.
  • For questions: mail to