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Space Expo is a Kidsproof museum of

In 2020, Space Expo was once again voted one of the 70 most child-friendly museums in the Netherlands. Space Expo received a special mention from the inspectors because “you can become an astronaut and launch a water rocket there." Our museum was awarded an average score of 8.1 by the Museum inspectors. ‘Kidsproof’ museums are museums that have been inspected more than 40 times in the last year and awarded a score of 7.5 or higher.

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Around 4,000 Museum inspectors (children aged up to 12) conducted over 11,000 inspections on last year. Ratings given by Museum inspectors from all over the country are an indication of what they think of the activities on offer, whether they learned anything new, whether the employees were friendly and what they would change about the museum. Museums can use this valuable feedback to develop even more appealing programs and improve their services. In this way, choosing the most child-friendly museum in the Netherlands contributes to the quality of all museums’ offerings. The Museum inspectors, in turn, have the opportunity to win the title ‘Museum inspector of the year’., an initiative of the Museumvereniging (Dutch Museum Association), brings children in touch with museums in the Netherlands in a playful way. The primary goal is to stimulate children’s interest in and visits to museums, both online and offline. In November 2018 the eighth inspection season started. There is now a special Museumkaart (Museum discount card) for Museum Kids. With this, they can discover museums without limits.

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