Expedition Space Expo

Discover the world of space exploration with Expedition Space Expo

Are you ready for an exciting space journey? Would you like to unravel the secrets of the universe? And discover more about our beautiful planet Earth? Come to Noordwijk for Expedition Space Expo!

Unravel the code!

Expedition Space Expo is an interactive mission for children aged 5 to 12. At the museum you will receive a personal logbook for free. In it you will find assignments, special facts and quiz questions. If you answer enough questions correctly, you will unravel the secret code!

Discover the showpieces

During the mission you will discover all the museum's showpieces. You will take a look inside astronaut André Kuipers' real space capsule, stand right next to a moon rock and discover one of the oldest objects in our solar system. And there's lots more!

Expedition Space Expo is available in Dutch, German and English.