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Excursions scolaire combinée

Combination Omniversum & Space Expo

Omniversum and Space Expo have set up a combination for both primary and secondary schools. At Omniversum (The Hague) the students visit the film 'Hubble' (or another film of their choice). After that the class leaves for Noordwijk where the staff of Space Expo provide a space lesson or a guided tour. The day of course can also start at Space Expo, followed by the film at Omniversum in The Hague.


Subject to price changes.

Program Primary schools Secondary Schools
Omniversum + Space Expo (excl. guided tour and space class) € 12,55 p.p. € 15,55 p.p.
Omniversum + Space Expo (incl. guided tour) € 14,55 p.p. € 17,55 p.p.
Omniversum + Space Expo (incl. space class) € 17,05 p.p. € 20,05 p.p.
Omniversum + Space Expo (incl. space class and guided tour) € 19,05 p.p. € 22,05 p.p.

Terms & Conditions

  • The combination school trip can only be made on one day.
  • A school group consists of at least 20 students.
  • One supervisor per 20 pupils has free access. Other supervisors pay the same rate as the pupils.
  • The school books at the attraction that is visited first and receives there a voucher for the next attraction.
  • Reservations thorugh or
  • The reservation must be made at least 4 weeks in advance. The Hubble film can be booked at any time during the week.