Rental Space items

Space Suit

Interested in renting a space suit to brighten up your event? We have two space suits available. The suit includes a space helmet, gloves, shoes and a backpack. These are adult-sized suits and can be worn by men and women between 1.65 and 1.90 meters tall.

Astronaut trainer

On certain occasions, we rent out our Multi-axis Simulator Trainer, or MST. In the early days of space travel, NASA astronauts were trained to deal with disorientation during space journeys on this MST. While spinning around, the astronauts had to do carry out a variety of aptitude tests. If you would like to hire the MST, it is important to know that you will also need to book Space Expo supervisors, or follow training at Space Expo. There are also special conditions with regard to transport: the driver must have a Dutch BE driving license or equivalent and a vehicle with a tow bar.