New at Space Expo

New at Space Expo: Moon Gallery FUTURE PAST

December 1 2018 – January 31 2019
Opening December 1| 3PM | Space Expo


Moon Gallery FUTURE PAST

Moon Gallery FUTURE PAST opens the countdown to the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing. The show marks the beginning of the Year of the Moon celebrated internationally and at SPACE EXPO – the official visitors center of the European Space Agency at Noordwijk with exhibits on space, gravity & satellites. Future Moon missions require public engagement and putting together the brightest ideas from different cultures and backgrounds. This is what Moon Gallery aims to stimulate. 

Moon Gallery intends to send 100 artworks to the Moon within the compact format of a 10 x 10 x 1 cm plate on a lunar lander planned to be launched in 2022. 

The show will exhibit the submissions from our first open call and inhabit one quarter of the gallery featuring 25 artists. This is the first experiment producing a collaborative artwork to shape Moon culture.

Gallery ideas to be sent to the Moon will be shown within the context of 100 objects that already went to Space. At SPACE EXPO the PAST meets the FUTURE instigating intrigue and inspiration for space exploration TODAY.

The Moon Gallery is an exhibition platform developed for defining and promoting the evolution of an aesthetic organism on the moon. The three main components of the Gallery are  Research, Collaboration and Archive. 

Research: Directed toward the development of context , informative materials and structure for the promotion of a call for artistic submissions. 

Collaboration: Implementation of the online creative tool and website designed for collecting submissions and showing a realtime evolution of the ‘aesthetic organism’. 

Archive: Dissemination of an online resource of images and artist proposals 

Goal: A selection of works fabricated into an actual material installation on the moon surface in the 10 x 10 x1 cm grid format as soon as 2022. 

The Moon Gallery is inspired by initiatives in the late 60's and early 70's such as The Moon Museum, a small ceramic wafer three-quarters of an inch by half an inch in size, containing artworks by six prominent artists from the late 1960s, and most notably Fallen Astronaut, an 8.5 cm aluminium sculpture by Paul Van Hoeydonck that was placed on the moon by the crew of Apollo 15.

Current inspiration for the Moon Gallery are experiments in space such as the BioPan project at ESA.

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