A safe and coronaproof visit

Update November 27 th 2021

Space Expo offers a safe visit with its Mission in the Museum program. For 60 minutes, visitors follow a very safe and fixed coronaproof route along the museum's special showpieces.


Stay home if you are not feeling well. This implies coughing, sore throat and a fever. This also implies for the rest of the visiting group. Wash your hands before and after your visit and use our disinfection dispensers. Cough and sneeze into your elbow.

Covid pass, face mask and distance are required

Visitors of Space Expo are required to show a valid Covid pass (QR code) and valid ID card. This is mandatory for visitors aged 13 and over. In addition, you are required to wear a mouth mask and keep a distance of 1.5 meters from other visitors. For more information on the Covid measures, you can take a look at our governments website >>>

Covid pass with a school visit

Because a school visit is an educational activity, there is an exception on the use of a Covid pass (QR code). Students under the age of 18 are not required to show a Covid pass during their school visits. However, guardians and teachers are required to show a Covid pass!

Ticket & timeslot

To give our visitors enough room, we will make use of timeslots. Therefore, buy your tickets and timeslot online. This will guarantee your visit. Also holders of a 'Museumkaart' are required to book a timeslot

Spontaneous visit?

in case you didn’t book an online ticket, but want to buy a ticket at our register, your visit will not be guaranteed. There might be a chance all the timeslots are fully booked and you will have to wait. Paying by card only!

Mission in the Museum

Mission at the Museum brings in extra elements of fun and a lot more information for all ages. Some interactive elements in our museum are not accessible yet. You can find more information in Mission at the Museum on our website.

Test before entry

Visitors from outside the EU can receive an EU Digital COVID Certificate (QR-code) if they get a Covid-test done 24 hours before their visit >>  Anything that is not a DCC QR-code is not valid.

Were you vaccinated outside the EU? And you don’t have a certificate? Than you can not get a vaccination certificate here in the Netherlands. You can online get a Covid-certificate by presenting proof of recovery or proof of testing.

More information on:


Is it required to book tickets online?

We advise you to book your tickets and timeslot online. If you buy your tickets directly at our register, you can only access the museum if a timeslot is available. We also advise ‘Museumkaart’ holders to book a €0,- ticket and timeslot online.

I bought a ticket online, but are now showing signs of Covid. Can I get my money back?

Stay home if you are showing signs. These imply coughing, sore throat and fever. This also implies for the rest of the visiting group. We don’t give refunds, but you can book a new time and timeslot. You can rebook your tickets yourself via the support service of Global Ticket.

I bought a ticket and want to cancel, is that possible?

Unfortunately we don’t give refunds on tickets. However, you can rebook your tickets yourself and choose another date and time.