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A renewed Space Expo

From March 9 to April 23 2020, part of the Space Expo exhibition will be renewed. And how! A very spectacular and interactive exhibition awaits you from April 24. During this improvement WE STAY OPEN SIX DAYS A WEEK, because most of the museum components remains to see. Of course it is a pity that you cannot see everything, so we offer you an Astronaut Program for five weekends as compensation! On weekdays we give you a 25% discount on the regular entrance fee.

Five special weekends: Astronauts Wanted!

From March 14 to April 19, we offer you an active program for five weekends at the regular entrance fee. ESA and NASA have plans to undertake various missions to the moon and to mars in the short term. To help them, we are already looking for new astronauts (M / F). Come and test yourself at Space Expo: are you suitable as an astronaut?

Astronaut test

At Space Expo you can test whether you are suitable as an astronaut. Come and check how good your balance is and whether you are a good moonwalker. You will do a number of astronaut tests and if everything went well, you will receive your Astronaut Diploma afterwards.


A cheerful film with never before seen images, André Kuipers tells you personally about the life of an astronaut. André shows how an astronaut lives aboard the International Space Station (ISS) and how, for example, you go to the toilet in space. The film lasts approximately 20 minutes and runs all day in our Ariane room.


The astronaut program will not run on weekdays. That is why every visitor receives a 25% discount on the regular admission fee from Tuesday to Friday.

Good Friday and Easter: Friday 10 to 13 April

During Easter we offer even more space activities. We will soon give you more information!

Questions & answers

If your question is not listed, please contact us.

Why is Space Expo going to renovate?

We will extend our museum with a brand new interactive section where you can design, build and test your own mission. In this new exhibition you’ll find lots of recent information about space missions in all its facets. You will soon read more about this new section.

Why doesn't Space Expo close?

Space Expo consists of several parts. Most parts remain accessible to our visitors. In order to accommodate you, a discount of 25% on the regular entrance fee is given to our guests during the weekdays (Tue-Fri). This discount does not apply on weekends (Sat-Sun). On weekend days we accommodate our guests with an active program: Astronauts Wanted!

Am I experiencing nuisance from the renovation?

We expect that you will not be affected by the renovation. No renovation work will take place during the weekend. During the week only work will take place during the day that will not bother you. The work that may cause noise is only performed in the evening (after closing time).

When will the new exhibition of Space Expo open?

The new exhibition will be operational no later than 24 April 2020.