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50 years Moonlanding

2019: celebrations 50 years moonlanding

This year it is exactly 50 years ago that Neil Armstrong took the first step on the moon.

He spoke the legendary words "That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind." That is why it is an extra special year at Space Expo!

Gift for 50 year olds:

Do you know someone who will be 50 this year? Then he or she can enter Space Expo for free all year round! We would like to give him or her the opportunity to take a photo with our lunar landscape in the background. So come to Space Expo in 2019 and put 'One Step' on the moon!


  • You will receive a free entry upon presentation of a valid ID stating that you were born in 1969.
  • This promotion does not apply to packages and business events.